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Ali Haider & Junaid Sheikh quit music

This news is a bit old, because Pakmanzil wanted to protect the privacy of both of these artist. But now since this news is slowly coming out, why not burst the bubble first?

We would like to confirm that Pakistani pop singer Ali Haider has quit music, Pakmanzil had talked to Ali himself to confirmed the news..  Pakmanzil also spoke to, Saregamapa Fame of 2007 Junaid Sheikh to confirm the news that he has also left music, while his friends Amanat Ali and Mussarat Abbas are still preforming and doing concerts..

After  Junaid Jamshed left, this is another big blow to the music industry because, Ali Haider was a pop icon and had millions of fans around the world who enjoyed and loved his music. While Junaid Sheikh, was also becoming a super star who had a great voice and was only a step behind Amanat Ali.

Listen to the audio clip of Ali Haider which he states he has quit music.