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All About Pasoori Fame Singer Shae Gill 

Coke Studio Season 14 has a lot to offer, out of which ‘Pasoori’ has turned out to be the most popular song. Currently it has over 28 million views on YouTube and the numbers are expected to rise because of its prominence. The Pasoori singers Ali Sethi and Shae Gill have received immense appreciation due to their talent. While Ali’s enchanting voice took over us, Shae Gill is the new singer whose euphonious vocals impressed us a lot. 

Shae Gill is a 23-year old girl from Lahore who has quickly risen to popularity because of Pasoori. People are calling her ‘Dua Lipa of Pakistan’ because of her unique voice. Recently she gave interviews to Spotify and BBC News, and her fans got to know more about her. 

Talking about Pasoori, she said that she wasn’t expecting that her song would be a hit. She also said that she wasn’t too serious about music before the huge success of this song. Gill couldn’t believe what had happened and she said that it took her a while to digest. Talking about how she started singing, she said that her best friend gave her the idea to start singing and then she started uploading her videos on Instagram. According to her, people had already started liking her singing skills and they appreciated her for her talent.  She said that one day the Coke Studio producer Xulfi went through her Instagram page and contacted her. He sent her a dm that said ‘Hi, I want you to sing for Coke Studio’. And then all this happened!

Shae Gill also talked about Ali Sethi and said that it was a great experience. Even though she was nervous at the start, she said that Ali is a humble man and everything went great. She said that he treated her well and shared knowledge about music. Talking about her future plans, Gill said that she’s more nervous now because she wants to make sure that her next project is as successful as this one. 



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