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Coke Studio Launching In India

Beverage maker Coca-Cola India is in talks with music channel MTV to launch its music property – Coke Studio – in India. Coke Studio is a music property that brings together different artists on the same platform – and is popular mainly in Pakistan. A Coca-Cola India spokesman confirmed the launch of Coke Studio but did not comment on the plans to tie up with MTV for the same.

“At this point, we can only confirm that we plan to launch Coke Studio- one of our flagship music properties globally- in India, sometime this year. We are in talks with several potential partners for the launch of this property but are not in a position to share any further details,” he said.

First launched in summer ’08 in Pakistan, Coke Studio is a television series featuring live music performances. According to information on its website, Coke Studio was over 400,000 Facebook followers.

According to a person involved with the developments, the beverage maker wants to make Coke Studio a platform similar to what its ‘Limca book of records’ – which compiles records achieved by Indians and has been created on the lines of Guinness book of world records. In 2002, Coca-Cola had tied up with MTV’s rival Channel [V] to launch Coke [V] Popstars, a music talent hunt which had resulted in the formation of an all-girl band – Viva.

While Coca-Cola’s other cola drink Thums Up has stuck to its macho positioning of dare devilry and the same brand ambassador Akshay Kumar through the years, Coca-Cola has used different ambassadors like Aamir Khan , Imran Khan and Hrithik Roshan . Thums Up leads the aerated drinks category.

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