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How Hot Is Atif Aslam?

Pakistani pop singer, Atif Aslam is one of the biggest acts of the moment. You probably heard of him but if you haven’t or if you just can’t get enough of him, here is the scoop on the sensational star. Atif sang popular tracks such as, ‘Addat’, ‘Doorie,’ ‘Pehli Nazar,’ ‘Tere Bin,’ ‘Woh Lamhe’, and many more.  Now those tracks probably ring a bell!  So the question is how hot of a singer is he really?

 Atif Aslam began his musical career with the Pakistani band ‘Jal’, after winning a competition to become the last member in 1998.  After a dispute over Atif’s brother becoming the manager of’ Jal’, he left the group to pursue a solo career, sparking a major controversy.  It seems his solo album was released just weeks before ‘Jal’s’ new album and he used many of the tracks that were to appear of ‘Jal’s’ album, starting a rights war between the group and Atif Aslam.  Since Pakistan’s copyrights laws aren’t very stringent, nothing was done about the war.  But like many celebs, the controversy only helped hypes up the release of both Atif Aslam and ‘Jal’s’ albums. 

Atif Aslam’s solo debut, ‘Jal Pari’ was released in 2004 and within five months, it was declared the best selling album of the year!  He went on to release, ‘Doorie,’ and ‘Meri Kahani’ to similar reception.  Then of course who can forget the popular Bollywood tracks he’s done like, ‘Pehli Nazar,’ from ‘Race’ and ‘Bakhuda,’ from ‘Kismat Konnection.’  Atif Aslam even toured the world, including a successful run of the US and UK. 

With all that under his belt, it’s natural that fans flock to the cutie crooner.  So we want to know if Atif Aslam lives up to the hype.  Do you think he’s as hot as everyone claims he is, or not?  Does the 25 year old have lasting power or will he fade out eventually into the archives? 

NOT TO FORGET – Atif Aslam recently launched a new track, which is a cover of an old song “Meri Hamjoliyan”

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  1. hammad

    February 23, 2009 at 8:04 am

    i lvvv tis guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Saaju

    April 29, 2009 at 3:42 am

    Atif Aslam Is A Great Pop Star. He is In Hearts Of Every Pakistani.

  3. erick

    September 3, 2009 at 10:30 am

    atif is truely a great entertainer….and its better to gv him the respect that he deserves

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