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Imran, Avantika: Strings attached!

Pakistani Band Strings performed at Imran Khan & Avantika Malik’s honeymoon in Thailand.

Bollywood’s chocolate boy Imran Khan finally bid adieu to bachelorhood when he tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, 24-year old Avantika Malik in Mumbai, India.

The newlyweds flew to Thailand on Tuesday for their honeymoon where the 28-year actor also celebrated his birthday. Avantika Malik, the bride planned to surprise her hubby in a very special way.

She planned to give Imran a musical gift for his Birthday for which she requested Imran’s favorite rock band Strings from Karachi to perform live for him on his birthday. Strings showed their excitement on playing at their fan’s post wedding party.

The lead vocalist of the band, Faisal Kapadia said:

“We are excited because Imran and Avantika want to start their new life listening to our music.”

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