Imran Khan To Return With Satisfya

By Staff / Published on Monday, 15 Apr 2013 01:09 AM / 2 Comments / 1943 views

 is infamous for his hits “Ni Nachle,” Amplifier,” and “Bewafa” along with his rough and tough image. The singer has been off the scene for four years now and fans have been wondering, “Will Imran Khan ever return?” Well the answer is out and this superstar is back with his new single “!”

The song’s single cover has been released and with promotional help from producer Eren E, one of the original producer Imran Khan worked with on his album Unforgettable (2009). Eren tweeted about the new single promising some great lyrics.


What we also learn from the single cover is that Imran Khan has launched his own record label title IK Records. This project is staying in house and will be a full reflection of what Imran Khan wants to be as an artist.

I know I am quite looking forward to seeing what Imran Khan has in store for us with his sophomore release. Let’s hope it’s as hot and revolutionary as Unforgettable.

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