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Kaavish’s debut album hits the markets

The very talented boys from the band Kaavish who have had people mesmerized for years now have finally released their long-awaited and much delayed album, Gunkali. Their first single ‘Bachpan’ had gotten everybody talking about how people so young could come up with a tune and words so melancholy and ‘Chotee Khushiyan’ hit a chord with the shiny, young side in listeners.

‘Bachpan’ has been reworked for the album and it resonates with a depth that surpasses the tune from before.

The other two Kaavish singles, ‘Chotee Khushiyan’ and ‘Tere Pyaar Mein’ have been reworked in the studio for Gunkali as well, which has been produced by Faisal Rafi and released by Fire Records.

The first video from the album ‘Moray Sayyan’ has hit the airwaves and features television stars Samina Peerzada and Faisal Qureishi.
Kaavish’s last video ‘Tere Pyar Mein’ was an impressive one that played with the idea of showing the making of a video. The tune, already beautifully melodious, has been worked upon further, while maintaining the original melody.

Whether you are a Kaavish fan, a Nayyara Noor fan, whose son Jaffer Zaidi is, or simply like acquiring new music, Gunkali is an album that must be bought and listened to right now!

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