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Meesha Shafi’s Own Manager Turns Against Her

Another day, another development in the courtroom controversy that has taken Pakistan by storm. After her very own mother, actress Saba Hameed testified as a witness in Meesha’s defense in the courtroom, now the saga has taken a new turn altogether with some surprising new developments.

The twist

The latest person to come forward with some startling revelations is none other than Meesha’s own manager, Syed Farhan Ali. While recording his statement in a defamation suit filed by Ali Zafar against Meesha, he went on to say that while he was present in the jamming session which was taking place in the house of the accused (Ali Zafar), he didn’t see any act of sexual harassment taking place as alleged by the accuser, Ms. Shafi.

Farhan further added that Atif Aslam, Fawad Khan, and Meesha Shafi were supposed to be the panelists in the popular show Pepsi Battle of the Bands. But before the shooting of the second season started, the management told him that Ali Zafar would be taking place of Atif Aslam. On the same night, Ms. Meesha informed him that she would not be working with him.

Not the first time

This was not the first time that one of Meesha’s managers have recorded a statement against her. Previously, Rizwan Raees, who had been Ali and Meesha’s former manager, testified in court that Meesha not only blackmailed Ali but also the beverage company sponsoring the show to allegedly extort more money from them. However, since Ali Zafar didn’t do what she asked him to, she went ahead with the false allegation anyway.

Fahad Rehman, another one of Meesha’s former managers also shared his two cents on the controversy. He said that while he is unaware of what happened between Ali and Meesha, he does know that she is capable of blackmailing and maligning a person’s reputation. Without any hard evidence, her claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

Final word

While we still don’t know how this case is going to end, one thing is for sure: Meesha’s managers turning against her do not make her look good. If this continues to happen, it wouldn’t be long before we see the end of this case.


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