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Overload in Azad Kashmir

The area holds significance in rock history as it is the place where George Harrison from The Beatles went to take sitar lessons from maestro Ravi Shankar. It later heralded their foray into the flower power culture of the 1960s. Harrison was also the first western star to play the sitar in their music, in the song Norwegian Wood.

Junoon or rather Salman Ahmed did a much-publicized concert in Kashmir in early 2008. In the midst of threats from militants, and calls for strike from religious authorities, he performed an event that was one of the rare cultural programmes that had been held in the state.

Last week, the percussion-based rock band Overload performed in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. When questioned, the band preferred to remain tight-lipped on the matter, preferring not to comment, and only mentioned that “Kashmir was beautiful”.

They are the latest to join a group of a handful but revered musicians who have performed there. A big accomplishment indeed.

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