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Sonu Nigam to dedicate music video to MJ

Bollywood’s renowned playback singer Sonu Nigam is going to pay a tribute to his idol Michael Jackson. He is working with the late star’s brother Jermaine Jackson on a tribute song.

Sonu is known to be a big fan of the late ‘king of pop’ Michael Jackson and now he wants to pay his tribute to the legend.

Speaking about the project to the media, the versatile singer said, “I am going to release a tribute song to singer with one of his family members. I will start working on a music video as soon as the song is recorded and I will release it soon.”

Sonu added, “I am very happy as Jermaine is working with me on this song.”

Nigam further added, “Being an artist, it is my duty to appreciate the commendable work of a great artist like Micheal Jackson. He has brought a lot of changes in the music industry and I think no one else around the world can touch his level.”

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