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Strings Bid Farewell To Coke Studio!

Coke Studio was revolutionary for music in Pakistan and this year the innovative show marked ten years of ground breaking music; needless to say the show reached new heights of success with an impeccable ensemble of musicians helming it. Whether it was Rohail Hyatt or Strings, the show evolved season after season, giving us new hits each year. However, this tenth season did not go down too well with fans and it seems the show might be in for a change from next season.

Taking to social media, Strings – consisting of Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia – issued a statement clarifying that the band has left the show as its producers after handling it since the last four seasons.

They posted:

We’re already hearing that Rohail Hyatt will be back as producer Coke Studio next year, as he reportedly has been signed on by Coke Studio global, according to sources.



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