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Independence Day songs: The old and the new

The music industry in Pakistan has created an interesting mix of music over the years to commemorate the country’s Independence Day. While classics like “Dil Dil Pakistan” and “Jazba Junoon” will remain ever-green and live on year after year, other numbers also deserve some recognition.

Old numbers such as Awaz’s “Hai Jawan” is still played widely across the nation at events which mark August 14 celebrations, and Vital Signs “Hum Hain Pakistani” is also on the tip of every Pakistanis tongue, be it Independence Day or the cricket World Cup.

These songs are catchy, lively and deeply patriotic. The lyrics have so much thought and feel in them that even the most sceptical, cold-hearted Pakistani cannot resist these catchy tunes and is seen humming along.

However, while these popular tunes will continue to live on, Pakistani artists have more recently turned to creating more sober numbers for Independence Day. The Mekaal Hasan Band’s rendition of the National Anthem is an apt example, in which the sounds of the flute, guitar, bass, dholak and sitar are skillfully brought together to create a beautiful and rather enchanting tune.

Another such rendition is most recently done by Asif Sinan, who has performed the National Anthem in a purely eastern classical style on a guitar. The light strumming of the strings creates a melodious and calming tune, sure to ignite feelings of love and patriotism in every Pakistani.

Nevertheless, although these renditions are great and a real treat for the ears, they can’t ever replace the pure jazba captured by the lyrical and lively pop tunes which live in every Pakistanis heart and come to life like clockwork every year on August 14.


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