Atif Aslam is besura? |

Atif Aslam is besura?

By Staff / Published on Wednesday, 02 Sep 2009 00:29 AM / 25 Comments

There is a lot of debate whether this clip is old or new..

Roxen’s lead vocalist Mustafa Zahid in an interview on ARY said Atif Aslam is a besura at times and that Atif’s album Doorie is horrible and much more.. See for yourself!

At the end we all know the facts. Atif Aslam is more successful and talented than Roxen and Mustafa Zahid combined. Plus now that Atif Aslam has been in Coke Studios we seen him prove to the world he can produce good music and sing as well.. Yes or No?

Listen to Atif Aslam’s Coke Studio version of Kinara


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25 thoughts on “Atif Aslam is besura?”

  1. ofcourse atif is more talented and successful than roxen and mustafa combined…….they all are being jelous of atif aslam….where is atif and where is those asshole people like roxen and mustafa….atif is gr8…..
    atif tum sabse bohot aage hai aayenda aisa kabhi mat kehna pehle apni aukat dekho phir dusron ko bolo…….U SUCK.

  2. Shutup looser…. Atif sings like shit when live… Mustafa sings a little better than Atif… but they both suck….
    Ali Azmat is the rock icon … and Nusrat was the break through for Pakistan to the music industry!!!

  3. Kshiti: I totally agree with you… But i think Roxen needs to release another album to determine if they are truly good.. You can not be a rockstar or a true musician with one album… Atif has come out with 3 albums and all 3 of them were super hitt.

    Shady: No one can beat Ali Azmat.. He is a true rock star for sure.. Most of our rocking musicians have become musicians because of Junoon and Ali Azmat..

  4. Seriously, people are way too caught up in the hype surrounding Atif. His voice is rubbish when compared to other bands. Even the lead singer from Jal has a better voice.

    Look at it objectively.
    A) he has very little control when singing, and this is most notable in his pitch shifting.
    B) atif can not hold a long note without falling off pitch
    C) his voice is most definitely nasaly

    He is a terrible singer. Mustafa is right to call him out, and has a far better voice from we have heard so far.

  5. Roxen(vocalist) is a mother fucker…..apni auqat dekh salee saree zindagee atif ke ganee gata raha hai concerts wagira me or abb apnii baap ko kehta hai wo besura

  6. F*** THEM ALL!!! Team Klashinfolk!!!!!!! ok… a bit overboard…..mustafa still needs to prove himself (i agree with admin)isn’t he like ali azmats cousin or something|???? atif is good but i think at this stage he is a bit overrated…

  7. he said


    come on yaar dont make a issue out of it .

    anywayz “JUNNON” FOR LIFE

    i got that “GEEM” of “JUNOON” on ma wrist lmao ….

  8. Oh Com’on guys.. Mustafa is not bad… I just said he is not popular than Atif nor his band Roxen is. However Musti has sang some hit songs like: Yaadien, Sapnay, To Phir Aao, and his latest hit Khuda Kay Liye.

    I think both artist are doing well.. but if you speak of popularity its Atif Aslam no doubt..

    But i agree Junoon is Junoon.. I dont think Pakistan can ever produce another band like Junoon.. Ali Azmat is the true rocker of Pakistan!

  9. Salye jo khud chorii k Songs Gatye hy woo Atif k barye my ye kahtye hy :: hahhaa::: Chor kahi k na hoo :::: ATiF IZ BEST

  10. well well,i m 4m india..and talkng bout india atif aslam is a god here..speacially girls worship him as a god..his songs pehli najar,ba khuda and now tera hone laga hoon are mile stones here…he s superb..i dnt knw bt atif aslam rocks in india.

  11. hey mustafa is very good singer atif’s real voice is very irritating so i think mustafa is right !!!this is my personal view

  12. Hey…I agree with people who r wid neither of them..;-)…i m frm India and i cn tel as a rock singer dat both r equally good at being besure…bt atif goes overboard at times n loses control when changing pitch…listen to atif yelling out load in ‘hum kis gulli ja rahe hai…’ sure u wnt like hm…bt yes junoon rocks…:-)

  13. Yeah…bt in comparison betn the two,i feel mustafa sounds better any time…whatever may b d case,both r making us hear sme good music…May the music win…:-)

  14. yes,surely atif is better than both of them,,,,,some of like them feel jealous of him as he is rockin for such a long time………..but atif is better in his soft songs(slow songs)than high beats………i am a mad fan of him

  15. Plz plz plz dont say anythng wrong abt atif coz I LUV HIM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH.I LUV U ATIF ASLAM

  16. Atif Aslam is no doubt the best singer ever!!! All these cheap third class singers say this kind of stuff becz they r jealous of him!! evryone knows tht….Atif is soooo sooooo stupendous

    and for u mr. mustafa or whtever …i even heard ur name first time..heard to door ki baat hai bs yahan parha keh tum ne kia baqwaas aik singer legend ke baaray mein ki hai!!!agar Atif besura hai tou poori duniya kiun uss pe marti hai???why the whole world likes waqt woh hi sab se zyda popular kiun hai…tum agr itnay hi sureelay ho tou kiun nai famous…kiun na koi song tumhara jana pehchana…ATIF ASLAM is not a new has been shinning since years and will be ever green!!shinning for ever!!!no one can beat him…beat karna tou kia…..woh jitna kamaal hai na uss ka one percent bannay keh baray mein tum log khwaab bhi nai dekh saktay!!so ….we know tht he is better than any other singer…………so why dont u guyz accept this fact???huh???why r u people being so sceptical……u r losers and plzzzits a request..plzz…accept this tht ur losers!!!!u suck!!! we …the world..the Atif Aslam……so u just fuck off!! Atif Aslam u rock<3<3<3<3<3

    LOVE U ATIF ASLAM!!!!God Bless you

    P.S. u r so gud looking
    i love ur attitude and confidence!!

    great sweetheart!! i hope both of u…….mustafa and ATIF …both of u read wht i wrote…….and Atif i already know u and ur personality…i know u dont lend an ear to these cry babies….but still m saying to you tht whtever u ppl say dont listen to them…bcz they r jealous of wht u mean to us<3………we love u…your our voice!!love u ATIF ASLAM!!! Kepp rocking!<3

  17. Atif Aslam is the no.1 singer of Pakistan he is the pride of Pakistan & a Superstar that’s why Mustafa Zahid & Jal band members are envy of Atif Aslam
    My message to Mustafa Zahid & Jal the band
    You should accept this that Atif Aslam is a superstar & if you reborn 100 times Atif Aslam is 1000 times better than you

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