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Does Mustafa Zahid Lip Sync?

By Ruby Kapoor

By now, the “revelation” of Mustafa Zahid’s lip-synching on his U.S gig is about as newsy as Jon Gosselin picking himself up a new lil’ silk-screened something at the Ed Hardy mega-mart.

So why has it grabbed so many headlines this past week? The story came to a head in America, where a few music fans and critics noticed Mustafa Zahid was lip syncing as well as singing over his tracks. Word spread that dozens of disgruntled concert-goers—most of whom paid from $35 to $50 US dollars per ticket—left the pop star’s Sunday-night show in Chicago, spurred by Mustafa’s’ “crap” performance and repeated miming of lyrics.

So the question is, would you pay the big bucks to see a show you knew was going to be lip-synced? Is it worth it just for the dancing and fancy effects? What happened to the expectation of live performances being performed LIVE? Remind us again what exactly are we paying for?

What do you think?
Is there any justification for lip-syncing during a live performance? Should prospective ticket buyers be warned if the artist won’t really be singing live?

Mustafa Zahid’s response to us on his Facebook:

Our response: “First of all, We are Muslims and our religion forbids us to drink any kind of alcohol. Secondly, we have never attended, nor plan on attending any of your shows. Its sad to see you have forgotten those who helped you when you were struggling as a band and musician.  Good-luck for the future. ”

FYI: Mustafa Zahid is same person who has called Atif Aslam “BESURA” in this video clipWatch Now

This article represents merely my own opinion and not of Pakmanzil. It’s hardly authoritative or complete and could well be inaccurate.

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  1. Danish Mughal

    March 31, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    I wonder where that “news” on PakManzil was posted ?

    Anyhow, Enjoy the fame guys. Y SO SERIOUS! ? 😀

  2. Sameer

    March 31, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Danish, they posted the news on their facebook page, which set off Mustafa Zahid who called them drunk.

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