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Noori Reuniting?

After launching their record label BYI (Believe In Yourself). The band Noori are organizing there very first concert in Karachi. Which means the Noori management are the organizers and promoters of the show.

According to their Facebook fan page they stated “They (noori) are calling this A Gig ‘NOT TO BE MISSED!!’. Why? …. You will only find out on May 6th! There is no doubt one of the biggest surprises this band will ever share with their fans!

The rumor is the band will unveil their 3rd album. However,   if Noori band are  saying they will share the “biggest surprise” in the band’s history. That can only mean they might be reuniting! What’s bigger than that? Ali Noor, Ali Hamza, Ali Jafri, and Gumby jamming together. The last time all of them  jammed together was before the launch of Noori’s 2nd album “Peeli Paati Aur Raja Jani”.

We will only find out the surprise when fans attend the concert in Karachi.  For those who are unable to attend, we will have the news for you right here!


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