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O Re – Noori (Coke Studio Season 9, Episode 6)

O Re, Noori, Season Finale, Coke Studio Season 9

Music Directed by Noori
Produced by Strings

‘O Re’ is a pop-rock track that’s brimming with nostalgia with an up-tempo, feel-good melody that’s as refreshing as is addictive. Written, composed and performed by Noori – the tune has stayed in the duo’s vault with some hundred odd unreleased tracks with Ali Hamza playing with this one for a good 8 years. ‘O Re’ is crammed full of energetic lively antics from the accordion solo adding a celebratory atmosphere to the soft alluring vocals, or the infectious chorus to impeccable guitar skills spewing from Ali Noor. The love-drenched single might be a rare release but the kind that won’t leave your mind long after you’ve asked it to. #CokeStudio9

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