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Raghav Brings “So Much” To iTunes

Raghav is, without a doubt, a super star in the neoDesi community and has been fervently popular from the days of ‘Angel Eyes,’ ‘Teri Baaton Mein,’ to ‘Humrahee’ and ‘My Kinda Girl”. Well, now it’s time to spread the news to the mainstream that Raghav is a worldwide rock star and ready to offer them ‘So Much’!

Raghav’s latest single, ‘So Much’, from his upcoming project, The Phoenix, releases May 25 on iTunes for North America. ‘So Much’ also features Canadian rapper Kardinall Offishall and was produced by London’s musical powerhouse Labrinth – who recently went to number one with Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’. ‘So Much’ is expected to make a serious impact on the airwaves and hopes are high that, with the support of the South Asian demographic, it will make it to number one.

Raghav’s Public Relations representation, says “We need our community to step up and support ‘So Much’ now and show the mainstream music industry the strength in numbers of the neoDesi generation. What we love about Raghav is that not only is his music phenomenal – but his vibe represents us today. This track has an infectious hook that is going to take the world by storm – but the initial push comes from Raghav’s core, loyal South Asian fan base. With the community’s drive to jump start sales and smash YouTube figures, the story of an artist of South Asian descent catapulting their record to mainstream attention will become legendary. Our community loves Raghav from when he started out and we need everyone to pledge support – so that we can further open the doors for South Asian talent in North America.”

Raghav’s PR emphasized that it is extremely important for everyone to grab the track from iTunes and not fall prey to easy free downloads. In order to solidify the attention of the mainstream, we need to band together as a community and push his record as hard as possible.

Raghav recently shot the video for ‘So Much’ which will be out very soon.

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