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The Guardian, a British newspaper, responds to Ali Sethi’s Pasoori.

Ali Sethi is a well-known Pakistani singer. Since early 2012, he has been involved in the music industry.
Ali has been showering us with surprises from left, right, and everywhere in the last few days!

Not long ago, news broke that his controversial song “Chandni Raat” would be used in an Amazon Prime Series. The series is called “Modern Love Mumbai,” and it is a romantic series set in the sleepless metropolis of Mumbai!

Before netizens in Pakistan could recover from their bewilderment, Ali decided to put their shock-absorbing abilities to the test once more!

This time, another of his most renowned songs, Pasoori, has caught the attention of the international journal, The Guardian!

According to the tale, The Guardian even published a piece about Ali’s intriguing song Pasoori!
The Guardian’s reaction to Pasoori has not only highlighted Ali and Shae’s talent, but has also opened up entirely new avenues for Pakistan’s pop music industry!


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