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Zeb & Haniya has composed music for Shaan’s “Chup”

When asked about his future projects, Shaan said that he will be starting his first film in December this year. It’s called Chup, a minglish (Urdu English) film and the music of the film has been done by the talented duo Zeb & Haniya and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is also there while Omran Shafique has arranged the music and the background score.

Says Shaan, “I was waiting for the winters to show up because I love shooting at that time of the year. It’s called Chup, a minglish (Urdu English) film in which Mashal Peerzada has done the scripting while the music has been done by Zeb & Haniya. Rahat is also there. Omran Shafique has arranged the music and the background score. We plan to release the film by the next year and then start working on the second project after a three to four month break.”

Shaan also expressed his views on the Pakistani singers like Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam (he is in Shoaib Mansoor‘s Bol) and Fawad Afzal Khan (Khuda Kay Liye) who have turned to acting. “Well, I think they can do what they feel like, it’s a free country! If they think they have acting talent, great! They have the freedom of speech! But I think, music itself is a separate life. If you look at Hollywood, the Doors never did a movie and neither did Bon Jovi! Singers should stick to their identity. If your album is not doing well, it doesn’t mean that you start doing films! I am not saying they shouldn’t act but see, I also play guitar and have a band. But, we never go commercial because it’s not our job. It takes a lifetime to become a big band or artist. The only thing lacking here is focus. If one doesn’t focus on his job, one can’t become a classic. One becomes a trend and trends change.

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