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Mishi Khan accused of robbery

Pakistani renowned actress, host and film star Mishi Khan has been accused of burglary.

Sources say, that a businessman from Islamabad named, Jawad Safi Khwaja has accused Mishi Khan of stealing valuables from his apartment.

Khwaja who is a well known businessman in Islamabad, lodged a complaint against the TV star, accusing her of stealing cash worth Rs, 5 lakhs, 20 gm gold bracelet along with three rings and an expensive Rado wristwatch.

According to Jawad Safi Khwaja, Mishi Khan was aware of where the valuables were because she visited his apartment quite frequently and was with him in the apartment the day he placed those valuable items in his cupboard.

The building’s security guards confirm seeing Mishi Khan leaving with two shopping bags in her hand.

Khwaja tried to contact Mishi Khan, but was sent back with offensive language and threats from her side.

The Police SP confirmed the complaint registered against Mishi Khan and said that further action can be taken against the accused, if the complainant is willing.

However, Mishi Khan has denied these allegations, saying that it has become a trend to use celebrity names and create scandals to get famous. She denied even knowing anyone by the name of Jawad Safi Khawaja who has lodged the complaint against her.

‘God has blessed me with everything I need and I need nothing else. Why I will get so meager amount from anybody,’ she remarked.

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