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Tum Naraz Ho – Sajjad Ali (Coke Studio Season 7, Episode 1)

Sajjad Ali makes his return to the Coke Studio platform with “Tum Naraaz Ho” from his album entitled ‘Love Letters’.

The Coke Studio composition has transformed Sajjad Ali’s soft pop ballad into a candlelit rock ballad with monochromatic piano lines. Sajjad through his vocal delivery and heartwarming lyrics has painted the ballad in soft, more mature shadings that comes out as pained but the effect is both beautiful and comforting. The song is one that is personal to Sajjad, as it encapsulates the stomach fluttering poignancy detailed in emotional desire. Lyrically the song is more oriented to clear narratives and realistic images that capture the intense yearning of a lover. Throughout the composition there are spare, open moments of longing vocals over solitary string sections. The eastern influence of the flute and dhol brings the underlying melancholy to the song, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Celebrated Faraz Anwar returns with an exemplary solo that builds in intensity as it progresses. The short and sharp shockwave sees Anwar’s fretwork at its finest adding dramatic rock oomph to the mellow and warm song.

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